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SmoothDocs is the easiest document assembly application available
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9 December 2011

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For any particular business organization, paperwork and documentation is something that is tedious to accomplish and requires immense precision; especially if the documents created are required to be circulated to stakeholders. There can be situations wherein process manager is required to quickly churn out written reports on certain specific procedures that are to be presented to higher management. Further, these reports are required to be written in certain formats with adequate amount of data insertion, which certainly isn`t the task of a few minutes. Professionalism and precision is required in framing such documents which is why they require time to create as well. Working on such reports can be quite a tedious task, but not if you have SmoothDocs 1.00 to assist you in this endeavor with its vibrant and dynamic resources that are extremely practical to use.

SmoothDocs opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief controls placed at the top center and the left and right panels giving out assistance to create the report that is being created in the middle of the screen. The application has been designed for various types of usages and industries and can help in creating dynamic looking templates which in turn can be used to customize and personalize several documents without any hassles. The program works in a flexible mode to provide the maximum utility to users which can in turn help in accomplishing the task of creating documents a complete easy one. The documents created can be exported to PDF format for e-mailing and can be additionally customized through any of the Word programs.

To conclude, SmoothDocs 1.00 can easily turn out to be as one of the most constructive and enhanced utilities for any organization with its useful tools and thus earns a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

SmoothDocs is the easiest document assembly application available. Create dynamic templates which can be quickly customized to create a limitless number of documents. Use friendly document wizards to create documents with a minimum of fuss. Ideal for individuals and small businesses.
Flexibility is key to operating a small business and flexibility is exactly what SmoothDocs offers. Creating new document templates is a snap and tweaking existing work is even easier. SmoothDocs is designed from the bottom up with usability in mind so only the bare minimum of training is required to get your employees up and running.
SmoothDocs allows for documents to be printed or exported directly to PDF format for email. Additional customization is also available through your favorite word processor (MS Word, OpenOffice etc). Documents can be saved to a PC for later editing or printing through SmoothDocs. There's no need for the sophisticated database software required by many document assembly programs.
SmoothDocs Free Edition is free to download and install on as many PCs as you like. There are two minor restrictions tied to the Free Edition version. Users are limited to 10 document sections and 10 document fields. SmoothDocs professional edition has no such restrictions.
Version 1.06
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